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Wood Logs

UNION Yard, Manor Road
United Kingdom

Our London distribution centre always has ready landed stocks of C24 and Hardwood plywood.

C24 is kept in stock for all sizes from 2x2 to 9x3 in various lengths. We also stock odd lengths of C24 timber that allow us to give customers a further economic advantage.

Hardwood Plywood is of EN636-2S grade which is much superior to what is commonly called as WBP Plywood (WBP plywood is a misleading term and merchants using this term quite often are not committing to a quality standard to the customer).

We also stock P5 chipboard sheets along with OSB/3 sheets of very high quality; this includes regular OSB/3 sheets and T&G sheets (a regular 18mm sheet manufactured by ELLEN Enterprises weights more than 30kg!).

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